Article Review on Covid-Related Safety Events for Nurses

Review of "The pandemic six: A review of Covid-related safety events submitted to the HPI Press Ganey PSO" by Press Ganey

Press Ganey. (2021). The pandemic six: A review of Covid-related safety events submitted to the HPI Press Ganey PSO [PDF] (1st ed., pp. 1-11). Press Ganey Associates LLC.
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The paper is prepared by HPI Press Ganey PSO, a federally listed Patient Safety Organization. It covers a very important and critical issue of modern times, Covid-19. The paper is relevant in that a master’s prepared nurse needs to understand all the safety dynamics of dealing with patients in different circumstances. By evaluating the safety events related to Covid-19, the paper outlines safety improvement measures of a new area of concern in the healthcare sector. The findings of the paper prepare the nurse in a better way to become an accomplished practitioner. According to Press Ganey (2021), 64% of Covid-related safety events are precursor, hence the need to have a nurse who understands the whole process. Care management carries the burden of the challenges.
The paper gives an insight of how current health systems and practices can be improved to reduce the rate of safety challenges. First, nurses should be thoroughly trained on care management. Issues like wrong body part treatment, wrong patient, delay in diagnosis or wrong procedures should be eliminated. The paper identified six key areas that are prone to raising the safety issues. Among them are; specimen management and control, coordinating care, worker safety processes, patient monitoring and assessment, medication and nutrition, and infection control (Press Ganey, 2021). A nurse must understand these issues to effectively engage in practice and provide effective care.
The impact of Covid-related safety events has not only been a medical also, but also an economic and legal one. Health systems have demanded great investment from people and governments to meet the safety standards required. Some of the safety issues are subject to legal contestation by the affected persons. For instance, a wrong procedure or patient abduction in a care facility will lead to a legal enquiry. A facility may face regulatory injunctions when they cannot guarantee the safety of patients.
In this thought-provoking response, the author's perspective is skillfully backed by an extensive body of comprehensive research and readily available information, offering a well-informed and compelling exploration of the subject matter.

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August 09, 2023

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